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    Can I NAT both source and destination address simultaneously?

    andersenj New Member

      I have a scenario where I have an HTTP-only managed device that sits off an NV3140. However, due to an ACL oversight, this device can only be managed when traffic is sourced from the device's LAN subnet ( My NV3140 has a public, static, internet connection, and I am doing basic NATing and p2p VPN stuff for my client. This site is very remote, and I would prefer not to dispatch to fix it.

      I tried to set up a destination NAT on my Public firewall policy, and it works -- but my incoming traffic is of course still sourced from my office firewall's public IP. I then tried to put a source NAT "in front of" my destination NAT to see if AOS would react by first processing my source NAT, then running the same traffic through the destination NAT, but as expected, this did not work.


      Is there any way for me to NAT both my source and destination IP simultaneously in the same firewall rule?