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    Bandwidth or Traffic Shaping statement for a VLAN associated with a WAN interface for an FE circuit? (w/QoS as well)

    mstokes580 New Member

      Currently we are using the Bandwidth statement on a VLAN associated with a WAN interface on a NET 1335 running R11.5. We are using this on our QoS Maps as well. I am wondering if it would be better, overall, to place a Traffic-Shape Rate command on the VLAN interface and shape average on the QoS Maps instead of the Bandwidth statement and why?


      Example of what we have in place... (3MB FE circuit)


      INT and VLAN:


      interface gigabit-switchport 0/1

        speed 1000 nonegotiate

        spanning-tree edgeport

        no shutdown

        switchport access vlan 2


      interface vlan 2

        ip address  x.x.x.x

        ip flow ingress

        ip flow egress

        bandwidth 3000

        qos-policy out verizon

        ip route-cache express

        no shutdown


      QoS Maps:


      qos map verizon 20

        match list af3

        bandwidth 768

        set dscp af31

      qos map verizon 30

        match list af2

        bandwidth 768

        set dscp af21

      qos map verizon 40

        match list af1

        bandwidth 512

        set dscp af11

      qos map verizon 50

        match any

        set dscp default

        shape average 952000


      Thank you for any assistance that you can provide!