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    Devices don't get redirected to the Captive portal when using https

    jpsavoie New Member

      Hi everyone,


      I'm kinda new to the bluesocket and vWlan. I decided to use the captive portal for authenticate Guest users. Each time a device connect to the open SSID it gets in the NAC Location how it is supposed to. Then when the user open a browser and type a website it should be redirected to the Captive portal. However, it doesn't always work. When the user try google or facebook for exemple (wich are https) the captive portal never pop and and page is never loading. When I try with any http website I get redirected to my captive portal without any trouble. Anyone has an idea what could be my problem ?


      Thank you,

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          daniel.blackmon Employee

          You may need to enable HTTPS redirects from Configuration > System > Settings > Domain. Just keep in mind the when a user tries to reach Facebook, for example, but instead get send to our page, the browser is going to display a security warning. Also note that HTTPS redirects are a very taxing process, and it may cause adverse side affects within your system. Given this information, you really have two options.


          1. Educate your users to continue past the warning.
          2. Educate your users to browse directly to the login page to continue.


          Notice that both options include educating the user base. The choice is yours.