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    Registering a PBX to a NV3140

    nw_ray New Member

      What I want to do is have the PBX register to the B2BUA (NV3140) and have the B2BUA register to our switch.  I found an article that says it is not possible, but it is four years old and I hope that it is out of date.  Looking through the AOS command guide does not provide clear guidelines as to if this is or is not possible.  I have been able to get the PBX to work via the NV3140, but it is not registered.


      Old Doc.


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          nw_ray New Member

          I finally broke down and opened a support case and the response was incredibly simple (and verified as working). See below:


          Our recommendation is to disable registration on the PBX as it doesn't provide any benefit.  If registration is a requirement, you can do the following


          sip registrar


          voice user 0000

            connect sip

            sip-authentication password <password>



          It is critical that the voice user is not a valid phone number as that will cause call routing issues. The PBX would then register the user 0000.


            Note that the WAN trunk registration is completely independent from the PBX's registration.


          I tested both ways:

          PBX not registered, calls work, no issues

          PBX registered, works, no issues.


          Hope this helps, if you need it.

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