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    Upgrade firmware procedure

    needthese New Member

      I'm currently running N1224RA-09-02-00.biz firmware code, I'd like to upgrade to N1224RA-13-15-00.biz - Any known issues? When upgrading to 13-15-00.biz should i set it to "backup boot system" and see if that works before placing it on the primary boot system? How do i configure my router to boot from primary to secondary?


      Any help I would greatly appreciate.



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          jayh Hall_of_Fame

          It should just work. That's a fairly wide gap in versions. There may be some changes to configuration that will automatically be updated as needed, primarily due to IPv6 support where the "ip" keyword will be added or omitted, but this will take place on boot if needed. If this happens, rolling back may break things. I'd recommend that once you upgrade you replace the backup image with one that's just a revision back.


          The system will always boot the primary image if available. On startup, a sanity check verifies that the image is valid for the hardware and that the checksum is correct. If the bootstrap process finds a problem with the primary image such as a bad checksum, etc., then and only then will it boot with the secondary image.


          Think of the secondary as a backup should the primary become corrupt (bad flash memory, etc.)