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    TSU600 FXO Card firmware

    kc7gr New Member

      Good day,


      I'm attempting to make use of what I believe is a first-gen TSU 600 (model 1202.076L2) in an Asterisk PBX environment (T1 card in the Asterisk, mixed FXO/FXS ports in the 600). Everything seems to be working well, with one exception: The FXO card is not passing Caller ID data from the POTS line (which I have confirmed is indeed provisioned for it).


      It is my understanding this is a firmware issue on the FXO cards. I have two cards with, apparently, different firmware versions installed and I would wager one of them is later than the other. Both cards are dual FXO, with the daughterboard to make them into quads.


      The first card's EPROMs bear the markings 9200.103-1G on the main board and 9200.103-1H on the daughtercard. It doesn't seem to have a part number label on it, and it is the one I was using in initial tests.


      The second card does have a model number label: 1200.104L2, with EPROM markings of 9200.103-1K on the daughtercard and 9200-103.1H on the main board.


      So: Can either of these cards pass CID data?


      Failing that: I do have the capability to program and erase EPROM chips on-site. Would it be possible to get the EPROM image file (.bin, .hex, whatever) for the updated firmware, assuming one exists?


      Worst case, if I need to upgrade and Adtran can't help with firmware images: Does anyone have an updated FXO card they'd be willing to let me borrow, long enough to read and archive the EPROMs?


      Patrick seems to be a font of great info on the older units... Perhaps he can comment?


      Thanks much.

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          patrick Employee

          For the FXO in the TSU to pass caller ID it does need to be a 1200104L2 or 1200103L2 and running FW=H or higher (H, J, K, or L).

          I would verify the Firmware of the module through the TSU menu, but I believe the 1200.104L2 with the EPROM 9200.103-1K is running K FW, and the 9200-103.1H is running FW=H. If this is correct then these two should pass caller ID when received on the POTS line plugged into the FXO port.


          If I'm reading the bill of material (BOM) correctly, the 9200.103-1G is for the 1200103L1 and will not support caller ID. (Only the L2 supports caller ID).

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              kc7gr New Member

              Thanks, Patrick, much appreciated!


              Couple more questions: Would installing the version K firmware in the older FXO card (the 1200103L1) allow it to support Caller ID? Or were there other hardware changes?


              In looking over the boards, they appear pretty much identical with the exception of different part numbers on a pair of PLD chips (probably 22V10's).


              Finally: Is there any need/advantage to update to the last version (L, if I'm reading you correctly). If so, could I talk you out of the EPROM image file for such?


              Thanks again!