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    High CPU Usage on a 1550-P

    salvo_ New Member

      I am getting high CPU usage on my 1550-P, I have three VLAN's on this switch and the switch is providing DHCP. I have a hardware ACL on VLAN 10. I noticed the issue when i was pinging the switch interface itself, my router is a 4140 at address if  I ping, the ping times seem to be higher than normal 38ms up to 68 and they are erratic. if i ping or other devices its 1ms. The config is attached if any one has any ideas it would be appreciated. adtran-support



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          jayh Hall_of_Fame

          Surprisingly, the word "idle" means that the CPU is idle.


          It's only busy when it isn't idle, so the actual CPU load is 100% - 71.64% or 28.36%.


          Pinging TO a switch is a very low priority process compared to pinging THROUGH a switch. Network equipment is optimized to pass traffic through the device and not to terminate traffic. It sounds to me as if it's working properly.