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    vwlan map accuracy

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      After creating "maps" in vwlan, I have come to the conclusion they are not anywhere near accurate.  Using Metageek Channelizer as well as multipl Fluke testers and Tamosoft Site Survey, they are all very close to true readings, but I question the practical use of these maps in vwlan when they are so far off.  I know there are adjustments when it comers to the environment, but even still, they are not correct.  I would like to see a better way to use these maps.  While creating obstructions on the map itself may be of use while doing predictive surveys, this would be unnecessary if the APs could sense, in real time, the db levels from surrounding APs and indicate this on the map.  Instead, the map just creates a best guess perfect circle on the map based on power settings and calibration of square footage. 


      Is this ever going to be on the road map for a better and more practical use of these maps?  The would be of great help for remote troubleshooting for site surveying etc.

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          Thanks very much for the feedback!


          The Maps you are referencing currently are predictive and the practical use is to be able to see a general heat map prediction to help troubleshoot problems while being able to see where APs are and what their coverage most likely looks like based on the power settings of the AP (this can help you visualize problems with specific APs being on the wrong channel or being set to too high or low of a power setting. There have also been major enhancements to the power settings to more accurately reflect AP transmit power on these maps in version 2.8.0 and version 2.9.0.


          You are current in that they currently do not allow the same sort of use as real prediction software and site surveys. They are simply a quick way to visualize coverage when troubleshooting problems directly from vWLAN. Several major features have been added in version 2.9.0 and are planned for subsequent releases that offer the ability to continue enhancing the use of these maps such as AP/Sensor mode (Dual mode) which allows APs to scan off-channel while still servicing clients and Dynamic RF which can help select optimal radio settings.


          I am planning to move this to our Feature Request section so we can consider this feedback for future releases.




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