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    Important Notice Regarding Update to 2.9.0

    evanh Employee

      Version 2.9.0 has been removed from the website due to an upgrade/boot issue found shortly after release. This issue causes vWLAN to pull DHCP regardless of IP configuration during boot. If when pulling this vWLAN can not reach the internet, the boot will fail.If the DHCP address is use-able and vWLAN can access the internet, 2.9.0 will boot up and continue working normally.


      ADTRAN BlueSocket has resolved the problem and will shortly have a build available, 2.9.0.HA, that resolves this problem. A software notification will go out when this is available. If you are already running 2.9.0 successfully, or your vWLAN can pull DHCP and have internet access when doing so, then you do not need to use this build. Running version 2.9.0 is safe otherwise.


      If you need version 2.9.0 today or you believe you have experienced this problem, please contact ADTRAN support at www.adtran.com/openacase.