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    Need help with Debug

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      Hi, We are having a problem with a few sites. Customers call After Hours and are greeted with AA.  The AA is supposed to transfer calls over to an external number.  The call reaches the AA on the 7100 and then routes out through the PRI on the 7100 and reaches the 908e but, as per Adtran Support, the call is terminated by the PRI (7100) so the transfer never completes.  I contacted the carrier with a call sample and the carrier stated that the calling party (customer cell phone)  was the originating number and was not a VoIP number so the call fails due to authentication.  I replied back letting them know that the PBX AA is supposed to transfer callers to an outside number.  The carrier's response was that "Perhaps, a valid VoIP Tn should be used as diversion header along with calling Tn... SIP invite message of the call sample indicated that there was no diversion header sent to carrier when the call was sent out either."  I'm not sure what they are asking or what settings on the 7100 should be looked at.  I have attached a 7100 debug with parameters Voice Verbose, SIP Stack Messages, and ISDN l2-for.  I appreciate the help.  BTW, transferring callers from the AA to the same external number works at other sites. Caller number is 768 The number being transferred to ends in 9901