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    Untagged VLAN traffic

    donkey New Member

      I'm trying to segment off security cameras onto a different dhcp scope using vlans

      the dhcp server is running on a sonicwall, with x2 configured to use vlan 42

      I have added vlan 42 to swtich number 1, and have the uplink (port 48) set to trunk mode running into the sonicwall x5 interface

      I also added vlan 42 to the switch the camera is on, and configured the port the camera is in (17) to use vlan 42.


      My camera is not getting an ip address. and i think this is because setting vlan 42 on the port config makes it accept tagged traffic rather than untagged traffic.

      the camera does not support tagged traffic, so i need to set the switch port for untagged traffic vlan 42


      I have attached a crude paint diagram of what the setup looks like. as well as screen shots from the two switches.

      What do i need to do in order to make this work?