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    424RG vs 424RG3

    jkesting Beta_User

      Does anyone know the difference between these two ONT's?  Also, has anyone found a way to wall mount one of these?

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          steve_smith New Member

          The biggest difference is the 4x4 quantenna mu-mimo chipset. The RG3 is only 3x3 su-mimo. We just recently started using the 424RG and have been having problems with various things.

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              jkesting Beta_User

              So the 424RG is a better option than the 424RG3?  We have a shipment of them here, but have not deployed any to customers yet as we are waiting for them to enable AE support for them.  As it is, they are GPON only at the moment.


              What problems are you noticing with them?

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                djf94 New Member

                I also have been experiencing issues with the 424rg. what problems have you ran into?


                We have been experiencing intermittent wifi speed fluctuations and freezing on our wireless stbs connected directly to ont wps to 5ghz network.

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                    jvillarreal New Member

                    Hello djf94,


                    Did you ever find out a solution to the problems you describe?.  We also been having WiFi Freezing and speed annomalies. Also, do you,  by any chance have a link to the configuration manual to this 424 / 434 RG ?.


                    thank you so much