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    Port Mis-Match warnings

    ianober New Member

      I have a NetVanta 1238P Gen 1 and recently I have been getting port mismatch warnings on various different ports.  I am running the latest firmware and have tried a couple different things.  I tried switching ports for one of the problem ports and it followed it so that led me to believe the issue was with the IP phone connected.  I swapped out the phone for another one and still the warning is there.  I checked the speed and port settings on the phone and they are the same as the switch port reports, 100/Full.  The phones are all set to auto negotiate and we are using Shoretel IP230 phones.  So far I have been completely unsuccessful in resolving this.  I am seeing this issue across multiple switches too.

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          jayh Hall_of_Fame

          It's a cosmetic bug in LLDP communications between the switch and the phone. It also occurs with many versions of Polycom phones. Verify that you don't see errors on the switch port in the form of incrementing runts, CRC, or collisions which would indicate an actual duplex issue.


          The command "no lldp receive 802.3-info mac-phy-config" applied to the switch interfaces will stop the chatter permanently.


          Typing "no events" will also suppress all terminal noise for the duration of a session. This includes this condition as well as T-1 errors, firewall events, etc.