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    Devices connected to a single AP do not "see" each other.

    lschaedle New Member

      If I have a wireless printer connecting to a BSAP any computer configured to print to that printer can not "see" the printer.  In fact, I can not even ping any device's valid IP address (computer, printer, etc...) if I am connected to the same AP.  If I use a patch cable to connect my computer, I can "see" and ping the devices connected to that AP.  If I am in another building and connected to a different AP I can "see" and ping the devices I was not able to.


      So, either I've missed a setting or there is something amiss with the firmware.  I'm assuming I've missed a setting.


      ANY HELP WOULD BE MOST GREATLY APPRECIATED - as teachers are starting to use classroom based control apps and they can't connect if the teacher notebook is connected to the same AP as the student notebooks.


      We are currently using the VWLAN controller and have 1920/1930/1940 BSAP;s.


      Thanks in advance!