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    MX 2820 SCU Firmware

    hazelllux New Member

      It appears that release notes for MX 2820 SCU firmware are not available from software downloads. We have three 2820s, and all three SCUs are woefully out of date (E02 and F01). Does anyone have a FW upgrade path, or related release notes for these? I would like to know just how far back we are, and if any step upgrades are needed as opposed to going straight to the latest revision. Thanks!

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          adtn99 Employee



          The latest released software for the MX2820 SCU is F05 so your units are several revs back.  However you can update your units directly to F05 software i.e. no intermediate software updates are required.  If you need further assistance please contact the ADTRAN Support 888-423-8726 and open a Product Support Request.