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    console db9 pinout

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      DB9 pin out for NetVanta 15XX console connection

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          jayh Hall_of_Fame

          RS-232 DB-9 pinout for Adtran console (craft) port on TA-900 IADs and NetVanta switches

          Adtran uses a female DB-9 configured as DCE. They can be connected via a straight-through DB-9 cable to a laptop serial port but you have to have a "gender changer" to make sure one end of the cable is male (into the Adtran "craft" port) and the other female (into the laptop serial port). To wire a "hood" for use with Cisco console cable standard, use a db-9 male to RJ-45 adapter such as 500-D09-8MK-RD (red in color, from Cabling Systems Warehouse) or Allen-Tel ATDB9M-8 (from Graybar) pinned as follows:

          Color RJ-45 pin DB-9 pin Function
          Blue 1 8 CTS
          Orange 2 6 DSR
          Black 3 2 RD
          Red 4 5 Ground
          Green 5 5 (see note) Ground
          Yellow 6 3 TD
          Brown 7 4 DTR
          White 8 7 RTS

          Note: Insert red wire fully into header, then push green pin adjacent to red wire in same hole.