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    Not receiving DNIS Digits

    tangocasa New Member


      Network Term N1)T1/PRI Sig=RBS

      User Term (two) S1)/T1/PRI-2 Sig=RBS


      Not receiving 4 digit DNIS to my Fax servers.


      IFCE for both slots are set for DID digits transfered = 4


      Any suggestions?


      How to do I determine what is being sent to the Fax servers?


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          jayh Hall_of_Fame

          If the T1 circuits are PRI, you need to set the signaling mode to PRI.

          If the T1 circuits are indeed RBS, you need to define one or more trunks, group the T1 ds0 channels into the trunks, and configure the trunks for transferred digits.

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            patrick Employee

            In order to monitor what the ATLAS sends and receives on the RBS circuits, you can go under CONFIGURATION and into EVENT LOGGING and set the DP OUTGOING SIGNALING to NORMAL (if it is set to INFO it will show all the RBS signaling changes as well which may be helpful, but is usually more information than you need).


            You view the events under SYSTEM STATUS in the EVENT LOG. The newest events are at the top of the log, so it is read from the bottom up. Under SYSTEM STATUS, the second line is CLEAR SYSTEM EVENT LOG which will clear the log to allow you to only view fresh entries.


            With the DID DIGITS TRANSFERRED set to 4 on both the NET TERM and USER TERM the ATLAS is set to receive 4 digits as well as transmit 4 digits.


            Hope this helps,


            ADTRAN Product Support

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                tangocasa New Member



                Thanks for this tip.

                I did as you advised.  Then performed an inbound test call.


                     Time          Cat  Src       Slot    Port                            

                9/09 09:12:50 Nor DP Ou  Slt1    2      Ds0:1 DSP Dialing 2616    


                was the result.  This clearly shows that the 4 digits DNIS is being passed, Correct?


                If so, my next problem is to figure out why the Brooktrout TR 1034 card is not receiving them.


                Thanks again.



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                    patrick Employee

                    Yes, this indicates the ATLAS is sending "2616" out Slot 1 Port 2.

                    If this is the correct slot and port, then you will need to look into the Brooktrout. You may also want to set DP OUTGOING in the ATLAS to INFO to get a complete picture of what is happening, with the signaling bits as well (just to be thorough.)