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    location issue remote BSAP

    nskarim New Member



      I am running into a location issue on remote access point and i am wondering if i did any wrong at some point.


      I have a vwlan at a central location and a DHCP server at the same central location with scope for different locations including the central and remote location networks


      The remote AP is connected to a trunk port. The native vlan on the port, let's say 247, is the one used for AP addressing. I have additional allowed vlan on the trunk like vlan 30 for user traffic.

      "Ip helper"  to forward broadcast request is configured on all layer 3 interfaces on the remote site


      However when looking at the Vwlan at the central location the automatic location  is created but using the vlan 30 ( that is vLoc-30-i,  was expecting vLoc-0-). Furthermore the location i created for VLAN 30 is not active. So my first concern is around the automatic location being create using the vlan ID of tagged vlan, while i have the native vlan available for native AP location.


      Any ideas?