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    Phones cutting out

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      I am using Avaya 4610sw phones, and I have had an issue develop where while talking on the phone, there are times when the call breaks up, and the listener will report that it sounds like your breaking up. I have rebooted all my switches that carry the phone traffic. What else could be the problem?




      Stephen Keating

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          michael56 New Member

          If your transport facility is a T1 or Multilink T1's you may have a defective T1 in the group. If you're Ethernet to your provider (completely Ethernet/fiber) not TDM anywhere then you're probably just subject to your internet providers network if MPLS, or just the internet and/or calling area for your party.


          "Breaking up" if it's affecting 'all calls' 'all users' would point to the transport line as the possible problem area. If that's all good a router reboot may be needed just to clear our arp, mac and dhcp. If you're using poe on your switch, check the wattage/current draw on your ports and see if one or two are excessive as compared to the rest and troubleshoot the cabling and/or phone itself.