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    connection to Comm Router

    trjones89 New Member

      I'm trying to connect a 2800 to a Comm Router. I see the pin outs for RJ45 to DB9, but not sure if it stays RJ45 to RJ45, would it be a cross over or straight through?

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          adtn99 Employee

          Sounds like you are talking about the MX2800 craftport RJ/DB9 which is for local access?  If so, the Lan/IP Management Interface for the MX2800 is on the back of the Chassis requires and Ethernet Crossover cable and supports 10BaseT (10mb half duplex only).

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              trjones89 New Member

              Yes, that's the one!

              We'll run a crossover set at 10/half.


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                trjones89 New Member

                After playing with this a little more...I have some more questions.

                Our goal is to not use Telnet. Our security group has dinged us for that being enabled.

                If I use the LAN/Management port on the mux, I'll still have to use telnet.

                We'll have to use the CRAFT port to use the functionality of a console connection. Basically, we'll be SSH'ing to our Comm Router, selecting our device (mux) and it will start up a console connection.

                We're using a Cisco 2800 series Terminal/Comm router with an octal cable. Since these would both be considered DTE devices. Their documentation says to use a rolled cable, so that's what we're going to try next.

                Again, our biggest thing is to get to where we do not use telnet.

                I'm also trying to understand a couple settings:

                IP Security

                IP Hosts

                If we enable IP security, and add an IP host in the table, will that still reference the LAN port, therefore still be using telnet or is that something that can help us in connecting to the CRAFT port?

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                    adtn99 Employee

                    Your questions lead me to believe you have a MX2800 instead of an MX2820?


                    If so, the MX2800 LAN/IP Interface supports 10BaseT (10mb half duplex) Telnet only.  SSH is not supported.


                    IP Security and IP Host are options for the LAN/IP Interface only.  When IP Security is Enabled you populate the IP Host address table with IP addresses of the users you want to have access to the unit (Telnet).


                    Accessing the unit via the craftport is a simple serial port/VT100 terminal session.