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    BSAP2030 2.4ghz issues since 2.8 update

    netlink_jason New Member

      Has anyone noticed issues with the 2.4ghz radio since the 2.8 firmware update? We have 2030's in our office and a client's office, when connecting to the 2.4 radio, the speed is horrible, while the 5ghz is just fine. When streaming an audio device on the 2.4ghz radio, it is really choppy, where as the 5ghz works just fine. We didn't have this problem on the 1920's before replacing them with the 2030's, it seems like this started after the 2.8 update. Also seems like the APs will just stop responding even though the AP shows UpdateToDate in vWLAN.


      Any suggestions or has anyone experienced this?


      Thank You,