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    1550-48P switch becomes unreachable every four or five days.

    rm001002 New Member

      I installed my first 1550-48P about a month ago, we monitor our network equipment with WhatsUpGold. the Adtran 1550-48P was working perfectly for the first five days then WUG reported it down. Checking it out the unit wasn't ping-able from anywhere, even the router in the branch couldn't ping it. The Switch was working fine for all the users and the equipment connected to it so I waited till after five to have a user power the switch off and then back on. When it came back up the unit was ping-able again even from our Data Center. Four days later the Adtran switch was again unreachable, since I was out of town I just had the user power cycle the switch again which fixed it. Five days later it was unreachable again, so I drove over to the branch and tried to console into the switch, that failed also. Powered cycled the switch again and the console immediately started working during the boot up. I have had to power cycle the unit twice more the last week, has anyone every had this problem?