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    Simple Remote Phone Time & Date sync

    jimw New Member

      We have a few phones setup as Simple Remote Phones, but their Time & Date are all over the place.


      There is an on site Barracuda Firewall / VPN unit tunneled back to the main office location, and this device is providing the DHCP function for the remote phones and users. So, I am assuming that since the phones are pulling their IP address from this device, that this is also what needs changed/corrected to fix the phones?


      I know that at the main NV7100 location, phones are pulling the correct date & time. 

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          markfreeman Employee


          When I teach and use Simple Remote phone, I manually configure the phones. Here are the steps for doing it for a Polycom VVX phone:



          1.    You might or might not see a Time/date out of sync message that is appearing with the Date on the phone. This depends if the DCHP server the phone is using is handing out a SNTP address. If it is, then you should see the proper date and time. If not then you will see the out of sync message.




          2.    Click the Home button   to the right of the screen.


          3.      Navigate to Settings > Advanced


          4.      Enter 456 for the password and press the soft key button under Enter


          5.    Navigate to Administration Settings > Network Configuration > SNTP Address


          6.    Using the keypad enter time.nist.gov or the IP of the SNTP server that your 7100 is using or the 7100 IP itself and click Ok to save


          7.      Navigate to GMT Offset and then use the navigation arrows to choose your appropriate time zone. (Eastern-5, Central-6, Mountain-7, Pacific-8, Alaska-9, Hawaii-10). Press the Select soft key button to save.


          8.    Keep touching the Back button until you get to the save screen.


          9.    Select Save Config and then press the Select soft key button to save.


          10. Click the Home button   two times to take you back to the screen showing the extension.


          11. The phone should now show the proper time and date without the out of sync message.




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