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    Where is the T1 mapping?

    brianr New Member

      I have an Adtran Atlas 550 with the following wiring:


      Telco T1 -> SLT1  

                  SLT2 -> AVAYA P1 (23 channels)

                  SLT3 -> AVAYA P2 (23 channels)

                  SLT4 -> FAX Server Digium Card (23 channels)

      Telco T1 -> NTW1



      What I am trying to determine is which Telco T1 is going to the Fax server.

      Where in the Adtran configuration would I see which incoming T1 is being presented

      to the Fax Server?

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          patrick Employee

          Essentially, the ATLAS Dial Plan acts as a switchboard. The call comes into the ATLAS and based on the number dialed, the ATLAS routes it out one of the PRIs. So there isn't (usually) a direct correlation between PRIs. The Dial Plan doesn't map one PRI to another. It terminates each PRI and will route calls between them based on the destination number.


          Since you have 2 Telco PRI's the it's possible inbound FAXes only come in on one PRI, but the ATLAS will accept them no matter which PRI they come in on. It's up the Telco to determine which PRI the calls comes in on, and they may route the FAX numbers to either PRI.


          I'm not sure if this helped, but hopefully it makes sense to you,


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