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    upgrading 1925 from 7.0.0-23 to 2.6.2-7

    cjrolke New Member

      I have 42  A/P's ( all are either 1920 or 1925)


      i want to up grade to 2.8.0 but i have to go to 2.6.2-7 first


      we use the appliance for our controller.  i uploaded the new firmware (2.6.2-7) to a new AP template. moved an AP to the new template. Once the configuration has been applied to that template and I activated the new firmware the AP does not have any connections from wireless traffic.


      I know that i have to upgrade the vWLAN as well bu ti thought i could upgrade the APs first allowing me to perform the upgrade as a roll out as opposed to doing everything at once.


      I am correct that i have to upgrade the APs before the vWLAN?


      i know i had an issue when i tried to do this the last time and upgrade to whatever the release was prior to 2.6.2-7.  I had to roll everything backwards to have functionality again


      thank you for any help on this

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          dpeterson New Member

          You really need to do everything at once, and didn't need to be messing with new templates.  You create the new firmware, apply to your existing templates, then DO NOT apply or reboot them.  Upgrade the vWLAN.  When you reboot after the upgrade the APs pick up the new firmware when the new vWLAN version comes up, and everything is matched and happy.  Repeat for 2.6.2 to 2.8.