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    Upgrade vWLAN VM Hardware Version

    miked81 New Member

      We're in the process of implementing a new backup software. Since an agent cannot be installed on the vWLAN, we have to use its VM backup which uses change block tracking (CBT). CBT requires a minimum VM hardware version of 7. Currently the vWLAN controllers, including the latest 2.8.0 release, deploy with VM hardware version 4.


      Is this done for VMware compatibility? Is there a reason why the VM hardware version cannot be changed to at least version 7?

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          evanh Employee



          It has stayed the same based off how we have continually built the OVAs. Our team is currently looking into updating an OVA to a later hardware version. I should have a better idea of a time frame in the next few days and I will definitely let you know.


          I would discourage attempting to upgrade it yourself as we don't have testing a this point to confirm it would work properly.




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