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    disable routing in 7100

    frank6160 New Member

      Have a customer that has installed another router on site. Currently the 7100 does routing and they want to disable it and use theirs. What changes need to be made in 7100?

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          markfreeman Employee

          You really don’t want to disable routing. Really need more information. What is the customers data network going to be?


          Are all the phones just going to be plugged into the 7100?


          Where are PCs going to be plugged into, the phone or a separate switch for data?


          I am assuming PSTN access is PRI or analog. If SIP Trunk then whole different answer.


          Couple options, turn off firewall in both cases,


          Option 1,

          Keep all phones on vlan 2 and plugged into the 7100 or a switch connected to 7100, point default route to customers router

          Have all pcs on a separate network and switch maintained by the customer’s router, their router would be dhcp for the data network.


          Option 2,

          Have phones and and pc networks through all switches, in that case you would just have to add vlan 2 to customers data network and then default route to customers router.


          Hope that makes sense. Let me know if you have questions.