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    Which protocol to use for RTMP streaming when I create Port Forward?

    james-in-ca New Member

      Adtran Netvanta  3120

      I am using an Application called Wowza to serve and stream live video from a facility.


      I need to forward and open port 1935 to allow access to the stream served from that machine from outside.

      I watched the video here

      [video] Configuring a Port Forward in AOS (NetVanta)


      My interface is a bit different, but I have followed along with no success accessing the stream from outside.


      I am trying to map a certain public IP to open an RTMP video stream on a certain computer on a certain port. Like this:



      • I have set one of my public IPs as a secondary IP in the IP Interfaces section
      • I have a static internal IP on the server here.
      • I can access  and play the stream from the server locally using local IP syntax
      • I can ping the public IP from another network
      • How can I determine if that IP is reaching/pinging the machine:port I want it to?


      When I create the Port Forward in the Security Zone (Public) , New Policy interface which protocol should I choose?

      this may be my issue?


      Thank you for any assistance.


      Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 6.55.42 AM.png