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    Why does telnet crash on my Atlas 550?

    djonesax New Member

      A month or so after restarting either of my two Atlas 550's, telnet stops working.  A power cycle of the unit fixes the issue but its pretty inconvenient.  Is this a known issue with a fix or way to prevent it?





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          patrick Employee

          I would make sure the Firmware is up to date (C.09.04). There was an issue in earlier FW where telnet sessions did not get released correctly.


          Another thing to do is under SYSTEM CONFIG, set the SESSION TIMEOUT to something other than "0" (600 seconds will set it to 10 minutes) so that if there is no activity the ATLAS will terminate a telnet session.

          This should clear any telnet sessions even if they are terminated incorrectly.


          Hope this helps,


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            c99hrisb New Member

            I have two of these Atlas 550 units with C.09.04, the Telnet stops working on both units unless I do a reboot of the device. The timeout is set to 600 seconds.

            Self test results

                         x  1  07:09:21 06/23  S0 3 HDLC        Passed
                         x  2  07:08:59 06/23  S0 4 HDLC        Passed
                         x  3  07:08:37 06/23  S0 0   DRAM Tst      Passed
                         x  4  07:08:27 06/23  S0 0  TDM RAM Tst    Passed
                         x  5  07:08:26 06/23  S0 0  NV Batt Tst    FAILED
                         x  6  07:08:26 06/23  S0 0  RTC RAM Tst    Passed
                         x  7  07:08:26 06/23  S0 0  DSP RAM Tst    Passed
                         x  8  07:08:26 06/23  S0 0  Bootrom Tst    Passed
                         x  9  07:08:26 06/23  S0 0   Flash Tst     Passed
                         x 10  07:08:20 06/23  S0 0  Test Start


            Please advise