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    Adtran 3120 for local cable comp phone service.

    jcasel New Member

      I was using the 3120 as part of a VOIP with a VOIP provider.  Going back to my local cable company and will be using their 2 lines and a new phone system.  Is the 3120 compatible with this non-voip system?

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          jayh Hall_of_Fame

          The 3120 has no FXO or FXS ports, so presumably you were using IP phones or an ATA (analog telephone adapter) to get POTS dial tone. As a rule, cable providers supply their own equipment with regular RJ-11 jacks for telephone service over cable.


          You could continue to use the 3120 as a NAT-router/firewall/4-port switch behind the cable company's gear, but it likely won't be involved in the voice part of the network. To be sure, ask the cable company what they're providing.