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    Login Form and Internal user Database

    salemng88 New Member

      Hi everyone,


      i have one scenario about the wireless Adtran captive portal.


      I have two different login form with two different SSID, admin and finance.

      Admin and finance have their own role and location where location of Admin is and finance is

      Both are required to login via the Internal user database. And the requirements of this scenario are

      1) the user from admin only authenticated to Internal User with admin role and

      2) user from finance only can authenticated to Internal User with finance only.


      Result after i configured, user from admin, finance and others users(located in the Internal users Database) are success authenticate to either SSID admin or ssid finance.


      Meanwhile the Any Internal user admin are able to any login form that created in captive portal.


      Can you share your opinion about the issue above ?


      Thank you.

      Sae Lim