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    Problems with a simple deployment

    nnyantengwar New Member

      Ok so I am having a crazy time trying to get vWLAN/BSAP-1920's working in a simple test lab type deployment.  I'm not a networking expert but I managed to get the same equivalent setup using Meraki done less then two days.  Here is my Adtran setup:


      Supermicro Server running ESXi 6

      pfSense Gateway at

      vWLAN VM (

      (3) BSAP-1920's manually configured via CLI (,,




      I've gone through enough documentation for 5 products (Adtran docs seem to be  more then a bit scattered and not very well detailed) and I've worked through a number of issues.  At this point my locations are not active, clients do not get an IP address from any of the AP's and can't get anywhere b/c of this.  And honestly this is so scattered I taking quite a few snapshots of this VM b/c at this point b/c of all the tinkering. 


      I can ping anything on the network and out to the internet from the AP's/vWLAN but it seems like the discovery part did not work (although the AP's did get IP addresses from the DHCP server on pfSense).

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          evanh Employee



          Our location discovery guide, linked below, has information on Locations and how they work. APs automatically discover the native VLAN (or which ever VLAN their untagged traffic will be on) by pulling DHCP. For non-native VLANs, you must create a location in vWLAN. When the AP boots up to that configuration, it will run Location Discovery. This process includes sending a DHCP request on each configured VLAN and looking for a response. If it receives a response, it will release the address and mark the location as active. Inactive locations means that Location Discovery via DHCP on those VLANs failed.


          BSAP Location Discovery and Troubleshooting Inactive Locations


          Another good reference for vWLAN documentation needs is our Bluesocket vWLAN Administrator's Guide.


          If you have anymore questions, feel free to reply to this post.




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              nnyantengwar New Member

              Ok I'm not sure what exactly happened but I logged in remotely to the webadmin portal and the default location (not the one that I created) was active?  I switched over the roles, users, ssid's, etc... off the location I used onto the default one and I'll test it when I get home but it does look good from here.