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    quick setup guide for BSAP-1920's on vWLAN

    nnyantengwar New Member

      Ok so I have a number of BSAP-1920s and vWLAN running on VMWare.  So far I have to say that I'm not very impressed with the documentation on getting this up and running.  I've figured out a number of issues but getting the right information seems a bit scattered and not really well organized.  Right now my problem is that none of my AP's are giving clients IP addresses, no clue how to get the AP's to "talk" with the DHCP server (pfSense) so that it can request an IP from the clients.  I also am not sure how to perform a basic setup, do the AP's absolutely need to be on a different VLAN then the clients or can they be on the same network?  Do I need to create a user for every person?  I am really just looking to setup a simple three AP deployment all in a small office.


      Any help will be greatly appreciated!