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    Unable to set DS0 level to 0db when appling -16 dBm on 4w TO Tx Input

    philbartus New Member

      Good Evening,


      We currently have a TA1500 Channel Bank in service at a remote location filled with 8 - 4wTO Channel Cards...We are having problems setting up the Transmit VF Levels on these channel cards and have been unable to resolve our issues yet...When we apply a -16 dBm 1000 Hz Test Tone (600 Ohm) on the Tx Input of these cards - the most we can 'squeeze' out of these cards is a -13 dBm level at the T1 DS0 Time Slot (this level should be a 0 dBm) ... Does anyone have an ideal what the problem is and how to correct it ???




      Philip Lashley

      Southern Company

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