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    Calls not matching Number Type Template pattern.

    mrkurt New Member

      I needs specific outbound calls to be sent with the correct National Format but not all calls since some are routed out a different port and need to keep the leading '0'.


      For example: I need to make calls to 07985-744-444 match as National.


      Setting a template with prefix 0, Pattern X$, as "National" works well but obviously affects all calls that start with '0'.

      So to make only calls to 07985-744-444 match as National I set a template with prefix 0, Pattern 7XXX-XXX-XXX, as "National". However the call then goes out to my ISDN provider differently then it did when the pattern was X$. What am i missing?


      Any advice is appreciated.

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          patrick Employee

          Thank you for using the ADTRAN Support Community Forum.


          In order for the ATLAS to use the NUMBER TYPE TEMPLATE, the "Outgoing Number Conv." has to be set to "As Dialed".

          In the NUMBER TYPE TEMPLATE, any number in the PREFIX column is stripped off and not sent as part of the number. Only the PATTERN is transmitted, with the associated NUMBER TYPE.

          If the "0" needs to be transmitted, then it needs to be part of the PATTERN, with nothing in the PREFIX field.


          I can't think of a reason for "X$" to cause a different SETUP message than "7XXX-XXX-XXX" unless the number you dial is matching a different pattern than "X$".


          It's also unusual for that number pattern to need to be "National". Typically I expect that to be sent as "Unknown".


          If you are still having issues we will probably need to see what you have in the NUMBER TYPE TEMPLATE as well as the event log with "ISDN L2 Formatted" set to INFO.




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              mrkurt New Member

              Thanks Patrick.


              I can also confirm that the "Outgoing Number Conv." is set to "As Dialed".


              I do now see that the calls are matching the pattern because if I change the pattern 7XXX-XXX-XXX to "Unknown" the call to 07985-744-444 fails completely. But that leaves the question of why the calls with pattern X$ set to "National" act differently. The difference is that my provider does not accept my ANI Substitution when pattern 7XXX-XXX-XXX is set which is why I thought the call was failing to match the  pattern.

              I have attached the logs for you to review with "ISDN L2 Formatted" set to INFO. I made a test call first with the pattern 7XXX-XXX-XXX set to "National" (ANI substitution not accepted) then I changed the pattern to X$ set to "National" (ANI substitution accepted) and made a second test call. The events from time stamp "Feb 22 14:46:57" onward are the second call.

              So what we need to figure out is how to get calls that match pattern 7XXX-XXX-XXX forward on in the same way as they would if the pattern X$ was set.