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    Apple device roaming problems with 802.1x?

    kmccafferty2 New Member

      Is anybody having issues with Apple devices roaming properly?  We have frequent problems where devices roam just fine between APs in a particular building, but when we move to a different building on campus, the device will not connect automatically (manually have to click on the network) or the device will not connect at all.


      I've calibrated the APs, performed several scans/surveys using Ekahau software and it doesn't appear to be a signal or RADIUS issue, since other devices (laptops, Android phones) don't experience the problems.  A WPA2 SSID was also setup and doesn't appear to have the same problems.


      We have about 325 APs (2030s and 1930s) spread across campus buildings (indoor only).  Latest code on vWLAN and APs.


      Any suggestions/thoughts?

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          evanh Employee



          Do the buildings use different SSIDs or different VLANs across them? If they roam just fine within buildings, it sounds like there could be a tunneling or location specific issue that we may be able to address with configuration changes.


          I would suggest opening a case with our ADTRAN Technical Support Engineers. You can do this at https://www.adtran.com/openacase or by calling 888-423-8726.


          Please respond to this post if you have further questions.




          ADTRAN TSE