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    When changing between SSIDs, users are unable to pull DHCP address from new location.

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      We are using multiple BlueSocket 2030's running 6.9.1-8 firmware.  The vWLAN is currently running  We have multiple SSID's configured each with their own Location and VLAN.  If we were to have a device to change from one SSID to another, it will connect to that SSID, but will retain the IP address of that previous VLAN and SSID.  It does not renew it's IP address.  We attempt to remove the SSID from the device and reconnect and even reboot the device and this does not work.  The only method i have come across that seems to work 100% of the time to reboot the access point itself.  I have attempted to drop the client from the vWLAN portal portal, but the device just pops back up again with the same IP address and then shows up as LOCATION MISMATCH.  The device remains offline as the IP address it has is not correct for the network it is connected to.  We are in the process of restructuring the wireless network for different needs and not being able to move devices over to a new SSID seamlessly has slowed this process.  This also does not allow for testing of of the different wireless networks if there are any issues if we appear to be locked into to one network.


      Thanks in advance!

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          First I would suggest upgrading to version 2.6.2 on both the controller and the APs. We have made some changes around these functions that should help quite a bit. You can reference the Upgrading BlueSocket vWLAN Controllers and Access Points for information on how to do this.


          In general, switching SSIDs (or L3 networks) may not be extremely seamless because of the IP change. Many mobile units may not properly release their IP address. We have made some adjustments to try to "encourage" the clients to properly do this with de-authentications, etc. However, there are still some clients that have trouble with the change. I would suggest providing your use-case as well so we can better understand if there might be a better configuration option for these networks that may be smoother for your users.




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