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    Call Forwarding a Ring-Group

    tlanner2 New Member

      Is it possible to enable call forwarding on a RG? I have a customer that has a need to forward inbound calls to a RG DID on to a Cell number. Any one of the RG members would need to have the ability to enable the call forwarding. None of the members would not have admin access to the PBX GUI. I had originally thought I would be able to assign a RCF SPRE code as a speed dial key on the user's sets but i'm not having any luck. RG is configured on a 7100 running R11.4.4.E. Thanks

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          dmac New Member

          The only way I can think to make this work and give the users in the Ring Group access to forward the calls to a cell phone is to create a Virtual User for the number. Use any available ext. number for the ring group (we use 3 digit numbers for ring groups).

          Set the virtual user's call coverage as follows:

          1. Ring this station's extension - Never
          2. Then: Ring Extension xxx (ring group ext.).
          3. Give all users access to this Virtual user's "Personal Phone Manager" to change the call coverage  All they would need to do is change the "Ring Extension" to "Ring External Number" and enter the  <external number>
          4. To change back just login to the Virtual user and change it back to "Ring Extension; and the <ring group ext.>.

          Be sure to set the number of rings to an appropriate number of rings to allow the cell phone user enough time to

          answer the phone. Also be aware that the cell phone will usually miss at least 1 ring before it starts to ring (from the callers standpoint) plus it will go to the cell phones voicemail if not answered given enough rings.