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    Adtran Atlas 550 dumb question

    xeynx New Member

      Hi there I'm pretty new to the 550 Atlases.  I need to know if two Atlases support IP connectivity between them and at the same time support copper dry lines handoffs.

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          patrick Employee

          The ATLAS does support IP routing. If you want to pass IP traffic across a T1 interface, you can set up either Frame Relay or PPP as the layer 2 protocol across it.

          The ATLAS does not support SIP, but you can connect FXS ports to a point-to-point T1, and then have FXO ports on the other end of the circuit.

          I'm afraid I'm unclear by what you mean by "copper dry line handoffs." If those are FXS lines then "maybe" depending on whether you want PLAR or for the ATLAS to provide dial tone and let you dial a number.


          But the ATLAS does support IP Routing, so if it is a point-to-point then each side needs to be on a different IP network.


          Let me know if you have more information or additional questions,