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    Audio loss after hold/transfer/park on Netvanta 7100 - SIP trunk

    braintoss New Member

      Hey y'all,


      With incoming calls, routed in different ways (AA, Ring Group, Alias on the phone), when the call is placed on hold (2nd, or 3rd time) or after a transfer, call park - the audio is lost from the call, and on the phone (VVX400/600) the only option that remains is "end call". I'm also getting audio loss when I'm trying to transfer the call to an external phone number, but calls on hold etc are priority right now.


      I did some debugs, I see something in the SIP stack messages that says "re-invite inside a re-invite", and I am connecting to a Sansay softswitch for the trunk.


      What debugs/info do I need to upload?


      Thanks in advance!