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    dial by extension directly in tghe default aa

    pturcotte New Member

      We have a netvanta 7100


      what we want it's in our main prompt that say : ''welcome, if you know the extension, dial it now, if you want sales dial 1, support dial 3....''


      it's seem like I can't have the dial by extension to be use like that !


      So we try another kind of prompt and change our extension to 2 digit instead of 3 and having the number 2 to be dial by extension.


      What I test is a created a sip extension  17 that was fowarded to my 217 true extension... I was able to make it work. in the main prompt if I dial 217, the 2 entered in my dial by extension and the 17 was fowarded to my 217 true extension. so I added the 2 digit extension for everyone but when I created 12 extension, I was unable to create more...


      what the limit of extension in a netvanta 7100, and Is there any solution to have direct dial to extension in the mainn prompt ?


      I'll go try Something tonight with virtual extension... fowarded to my true extension...


      maybe it will work !


      thanks for your help