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    unable to record call

    pturcotte New Member

      I just installed an Adtran NetVanta 7100 this weekend to replace our old asterisk server.


      we are using Adtran ip 706 phone and polycom Sound Point 501 IP.


      I was unable to use our polycom soundpoint 320 ip even if they are list in the netvanta...


      So I have some user that need to record their call, before they had soundpoint 320 ip, but since I was unable to make the 320 work I installed them on a 501.


      To record call they use this device hook on the handsetline between the handset and the phone and it's connected to the pc or laptop line in or mic.


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      when we record we are able to hear the tone, the voice from the speaker, but nothing from the handset mic, it's like the sound is to low...


      what can I use to record call ?


      I don't know if the issue is on the phone or the netvanta. I tried an ip501 and an adtran 706. it use to work with the 320....


      thanks for your help !



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          jayh Hall_of_Fame

          The handset is a four-wire device. One pair is for the microphone and the other for the earpiece. There isn't really a standard across manufacturers as to which pins of the jack connect to which, or for microphone type, impedance, etc.


          It sounds like your recorder pickoff device's wiring is incompatible with the Polycom handset wiring and is connected only to the earpiece and not the microphone. Some devices have an option switch to change the connection, for example Plantronics headset adapters. This device on Amazon has good reviews with Polycom: http://www.amazon.com/TRX-20-Direct-Connect-Telephone-ADAPTER/dp/B000KL0XA6


          However, the sweet setup is a Polycom VVX600 or similar with a USB stick. Very clear audio, in stereo! And it works with the speakerphone or headset as well as the handset. Saved as a .WAV file right on the memory stick. No extra wires or need for a recorder.

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