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    Need onsite support for Objectworld UC server

    kjd New Member

      We are currently using Objectworld UC server  We are planning on upgrading our whole phone system this spring, but need onsite support now given our current support guy is no longer around.  Is there anywhere we can find a list of companies that support Objectworld.  The main issue is we are not receiving voicemail and emails consistently (usually requires a restart of the server to get it working again) and new users never receive vm in email.  In fact, I see nowhere to indicate what a users email is.




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          jay Employee

          Kevin, Objectworld was bought by ADTRAN several years ago, so technically speaking there are no companies that support "Objectworld" anymore, though we still do support that software. If you use the "Find a Partner" link on our website, you might be able to find a reseller in your area that has some experience with UC. If not,you could pay for an on-site tech to be coordinated through Tech Support, but it would be an hourly charge, so it could be expensive depending on what you were wanting the tech to do.


          What type of messaging integration are the users set to? You should be able to open a user and see their current message store. I would expect either local message store or Exchange. If UC were losing its connection to the Exchange server, that might explain the behavior you're seeing.