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    1335 NAT Private/Public Question

    icbfan7 New Member

      I have an Adtran 1335 configured with a VLAN for WAN connectivity and multiple private VLANs.  Applying the wizard, it asks which interfaces want access out to the internet and I selected all that applied......and it worked just fine.  However, I wanted another VLAN to show a different outbound Public IP (I have 5 static Public IPs).  I made a new Security Zone and Assigned my VLAN to it.  I mimicked the same Policies in this new Zone that are in the Private Zone, however, instead of using the NAT with Source Overloading out my WAN VLAN, I defined a specific Public Static IP.  When I visit ipchicken.com, it shows the desired IP Address.  This is good and what I want.


      The problem is that when I connect from VLAN 14 (Internal and in New Zone) to a device in VLAN 6 (Internal and in Private Zone), the system status of the device shows a connection from the desired Public IP.  This connection is internal, why wouldn't it show the internal IP Address of the device in VLAN 14? 


      I have this same issue on other routers (3430, 3140, 3120), and am wondering what is configured incorrectly.