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    Does Netvanta 7060 stop and require reboot to function periodically?  Wesee this

    gtb New Member

      We installed a Netvanta 7060 with 4 analog trunk feeds.  There are 15 internal extensions.


      After ~ 6 weeks of use the unit would not receive incoming or deliver dial tone for inside or outside calls.  I could log onto the unit and did not see anything out of order.  I did a remote reboot and all went back to normal.  After ~7 weeks we saw the same behavior.  In both cases this was discovered in the morning when people came in to the office.  There is a UPS for the unit which would provide ~ 30 - 45 min of life so if there would have been a power outage it would have been prolonged and then power would have returned before people came in.  We have no data indicating any power outage.  The Netvanta 7060 showed, prior to the reboot that the unit had been on for a time frame consistent w the durations of ~ 6 and ~ 7 weeks respectively.


      We do not have auto attendant or voice mail enabled yet.  All phones are driven from the built in Netvanta 7060 switch; we have other managed switches but they do not drive phones and the phone VLAN is not seen on other managed switches.


      Has anyone else seen this and have any suggestions on what is the cause?


      The firmware version is R11.4.3.E.