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    NV 160 Access Point - Issue with SSL Websites and Surface Pro3 Windows 10.

    rob_h New Member

      A customer where I installed a NV160 controlled by a NV4430 and on a NV poe switch is having issues connecting to any SSL website while connected to NV160 using his Surface Pro 3 Tablet running Windows 10.  The Tablet works fine on another brand of Access point that is in the same office (with the Same SSID and WPA2 AES PSK settings).  It is connected to the same switch as the NV160, is on the same IP subnet, and traverses the same path to the Internet.  The Surface Pro 3 works fine on that AP.  All other PCs that use the NV160 have no issues with connections to any website.  Just the Surface Pro 3 Tablet.  It just happens to be the business owners Tablet.


      Both the NV160 and the other lower end AP are using both the 2.4 and 5ghz radios for the SSID.  Channel Width is 20mhz for both radio bands.  This happens with Edge, FireFox, and Chrome on the Surface Tablet.


      Has anyone run into issues with the Surface Pro 3 Tablet with Windows 10 on the NV160?  It has the Marvel AVASTAR Wireless Chip.