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    Failover internet to a central site

    lwarwick New Member

      I have a remote location that has the following:

      Site A

      Router A a 3120 connected to a local ISP providing internet for this branch.

      Router B is Brand C connected to a carrier providing MPLS.


      Site B

      Central site

      Router A connected to local ISP providing local internet for Central Site

      Router B is connected to carrier providing MPLS network.


      MPLS network is running OSPF and redistributing static routes. OSPF is enabled and routing traffic correctly to the internal and external routes.

      When The internet as Site A fails, the Ethernet interface never goes down so OSPF never extinguishes the default route from Site A. If I SHUT the interface OSPF kicks in and I now get a new Default via the MPLS network.


      I have attempted to create a TRACK and PROBE to check for connectivity and then send the traffic to OSPF route. When the track fails, the traffic does not reroute to the MPLS network via the OSPF learned route.


      For reference purposes

      Router A LAN IP

      Router B LAN IP


      Again if I disable the Router A external interface, the OSPF route is implemented without issue.