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    Unable to access vWLAN GUI via on mgmt port nor IP

    steve_w New Member

      I inherited a Blue Socket vWLAN appliance, appears to be running ubuntu.


      I can access the https://<applianceipaddress> however, there is no record of any logins nor administrator login.


      I cannot access the address when i'm connected to the management port. I can ping the interface but i cannot access it via a GUI on that port. The same applies on the non-management NIC.


      I can access via the DB console and i've used the option to scrub the databases.


      I've also attempted to connect via a SSH connection on port 2335 but no love there either.


      However, the Triangle with the '!' is lit on the front. From the console i get a list of the processes and everything is running except the DHCP client (which it shouldn't be since i've statically assigned the IP on the interface).


      Anything else i can try?