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    Failed Trunk Registrations

    sschindler New Member

      I have a NV7100 running firmware R10.9.2.E. We have had 10 analog trunks working great for over a year. We are in the middle of switching over to SIP service from our provider. They have provided us some new lines. I setup a SIP trunk pointing to my providers SIP gateway and added the lines to the registration settings. They are using IP based authentication so no credentials needed. I've also setup the trunk group and added the trunk account to it. I then added one of these lines as a DID to one of my current working phones. I call the DID and it works perfectly. However, I noticed that under Voice-->Reports-->Trunk Registrations my SIP lines show as not registered. Strange because they work fine. Should I be concerned or is this a bug? Any help would be great. Thanks.