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    How to configure two SSID's using separate internet circuits with one BSAP

    jasonj New Member

      I would like to consolidate the wireless access points in my organization.  We have 4 BSAP 1800c's all broadcasting a single SSID for the corporate wLAN.  We have additional EnGenious EAP350's broadcasting our Guest wifi that uses a separate internet circuit from the corporate MPLS. 


      I'd like to configure it such that my BSAP 1800's broadcast both the company wLAN SSID, as well as the Guest wifi, but I want to keep them on their respective internet services.


      I imagine I could do this by configuring the BlueSocket to broadcast the two wifi networks, and then apply some sort of rule or setting that says if you are on Guest, route all traffic through the VLAN specified for that network, and likewise with the corporate wifi, use the MPLS internet..


      Does anyone know if this is possible, and if so, how?  I know I can broadcast multiple SSID's from one BlueSocket, and am doing so at our branch offices for the company wLAN and Guest, however in those locations it all goes over the same internet circuit (the MPLS), which is fine. 





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          goldir New Member

          I have done what you are asking about using 1900 series and 2030 APs.  I am not sure if the 1800 series has the same capability but I assume they do.


          Here is what I did:
          1) Configure one specific port (Ge24) on our switch to use VLAN 14, untagged (the choice was random, 14 was available).

          2) I tagged any ports our access points were connected to on the switch (Ge13, Ge14) with both VLAN 1 (our Corporate VLAN) and VLAN 14 (guest VLAN)

          3) Connected the "guest" internet connection to port Ge24.

          4) Inside the VWLAN controller, I created a location with the same subnet and CIDR as the "guest" internet connection and tagged it with VLAN ID 14.

          5) I went into the "Roles" section of the VWLAN controller and selected the "guest" role.  I changed the location of the guest role to match the location configured in step 4.

          6) In the SSID's section of the vwlan controller, I created the Guest SSID and then assigned the vlan 14 "guest" role to it. Don't forget to set your firewall rules.

          7) I went into the AP Templates section and assigned the guest SSID to the radios.

          8) I applied the templates to the AP's.

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            I have marked this questions as "assumed answered".


            If this is not the case or you have more questions, feel free to respond to this thread.




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